Micro shaping a head drop

Alexandra Kurland’s body awareness work with horses, and the concept of micro shaping on an extremely subtle level, both for the handler and the animal, has captured my imagination.

For a long time, I’ve observed Zeke’s movement under various conditions, and have often wondered if he was showing hind quarter and back pain. Although he’s five years old, he moves his body awkwardly, in many ways, often running into people, my other dog and objects.

This video shows my 3rd session in microshaping a head drop. I was trying to sharpen my eye, to notice smaller behaviours, but as I watch the video, I see how many of them I still miss, or am not quick enough to mark. Nevertheless, I am pleased with our progress.

The video is almost three minutes, and to some, it might be akin to watching grass grow. We have a few old patterns to have to work through before we can get to the new behaviour of head dropped, relaxed, in line with the spine.  One is his brain map (habit) of following the treating hand. Another is the brain map of looking at me.


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