Slow walk, trot canter…

This was our second session of the day. During the morning session, I realized that relying on my sense of feel was better than looking at him, to see if he was in balance. Also, a natural kind of leash holding emerged, where my inside hand held the loop and the clicker and my outside hand held the lead (rotated arm) allowing the lead between the two hands to make a level line in front of me. My elbows were at about 65 degrees and were relaxed, hanging close to my sides. With this length of fuzzy lead, that meant that he was in a perfect place by my side. There was no tension in the line in those moments, and it felt great.

In Right circles, canter, he stayed on the left lead. This is typical for him. He predominantly (90 percent) favours the left lead.

During the noon session, he briefly cantered on his right (approx. 3:30)  for about a half circle. Then he tried twice to switch sides. (approx 3:50) When I persisted in putting him on my left, he again cantered only on the left lead. In the left circles at the end, he is definitely cross leading.

I wonder if this behaviour is an indicator of pain or poor balance.


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