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Susan Garrett’s Games

Susan Garrett demonstrates a fun and effective way to teach “Stand” on her Facebook page. Worked beautifully with Zeke. Her method is in stark contrast to the way the stand is usually trained and performed.
I have learned so much from Susan Garrett’s blog, as well as from her Crate Games DVD. I’d do more, except I run out of hours in a day! I’d love to take her Recaller’s course.
Last summer I taught her Crate Games to my dogs. I gained a much clearer understanding of how to establish and maintain criteria; the “rules of the game”. I also gained dogs who enjoy their crates more and wait calmly in them or at other doorways for release.

If you haven’t checked out Susan’s free webinars yet, try them out.


Two words

Obey me. Now.
Something stands behind the commands,
Squared off.
Sword at the ready.

The word floats.
Colourless and clear.

It’s all just behaviour.
Invited, encouraged, sometimes ignored.
Enticed and shaped,
Fluidly changing.
Washed of any values,
freighted opinions
or fears,
behaviour is simply
what it is.

Mold it like clay,
Press your fingers into it,
a living work of art.

Stand over or stand beside.